St. Paul: Rooftop Garden

Children’s St. Paul will soon house an expansive Rooftop Garden covering 8,000 square foot of space located off of the PICU on 4th Floor of the new Sky Tower. This garden space will be a place of healing, respite, learning and activity - to be enjoyed by patients, families and staff. 

Children's Hospital Association has generously donated the lead gift for funding this expansive project! The foundation had been laid - now there remain several signature pieces that are in need of philanthropic support in order to finish it off! These components include a greenhouse, rose water feature, performance place, labyrinth, play sculptures, arbors, planter towers, decorative fencing and benches. Through these important additions, patients, families, visitors and staff will be provided with a complete space in which to relax, eat, socialize, and find privacy.  

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